Distance Consult

Environmental / spatial energy reading consultations are possible over distance by phone, Skype or Google Hangout. This means you can develop a greater relationship with your space through working with Lynn Scheurell from anywhere in the world!

Preparation for a distance Feng Shui consultation would include sharing floor plans, pictures, specific objectives, personal element assessments and/or any other pertinent information or materials via email, fax or mail.

The consultation itself will focus on: identifying yin/yang balance, chi flow, potential energy drains and power centers, as well as reveal blocks and obstacles. As we move through your space virtually, there will be recommendations that become your action plan to optimize chi flow through and in your environment. Work is also done on the transcendental, or metaphysical, level to support your goals as well.

The intention of reading energy is to assess your ‘state’ right now because that affects your ‘station’ in life, which is reflected in your environment. It’s important that you are consciously aware of where you want to go, or are being led to go, and determine practical action steps to make the transition as smooth as possible.

During our time together, we have active co-creative dialogue, questioning and planning what’s to come as a result of working with your Feng Shui consciously.

After our time together by phone, you will receive an audio recording by email as an mp3. If we meet by another means, please feel free to record our consultation.

And, for the next 27 days, if you have questions after the consultation, just send me an email! I regard us as partners in programming your environment for your maximum success.

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