On-Site Consult

When it comes to on-site consultations, there are three levels of service as follows.

1. Foundational Feng Shui Consultation 

Review of business goals, floor plans (if available), scanning the external environment for potential influences (electrical poles, cemeteries, etc.), placement of offices / people in them for optimized functionality, productivity and profitability, walking the space to provide specific guidance, color / furniture guidance, pointing out any ‘911’ items and/or ‘red flag’ issues that need to be remedied, providing education and a verbal plan of specific actions.

When possible, I help make physical adjustments immediately to the environment. I go a little further than most in explaining the ‘why’ of something and verifying with you your understanding and experience of a Feng Shui change point once you become aware of potential benefit.

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2. Transcendental Feng Shui Consultation

Level 1 plus perform two rituals – one for space clearing (to rid the space of negative / toxic / previous energy) and a chi blessing (to feed the 6 hungry ghosts that can lurk and ‘eat’ profits and also provide protection to the space once it’s been cleared to minimize potential negative influences going forward).

These rituals can be repeated as needed (especially the space clearing) but, typically, the first time is the big one. In a newly constructed space, there are often energetic issues that come from the building process (as in, not only the construction workers’ energies, which are typically low, but also the trauma of the space being banged on and shaped, as well as the earth beneath it for now having a new appendage on it).

The earth has energy naturally flowing (like a river, beneath the soil); when a building is built, the four walls become containers and the roof becomes a lid – the energies are no longer flowing but are ‘trapped’ within that container. (Think of what it would be like to put a little building on your body… that’s the idea.) At any rate, the process of building a new space can be energetically traumatic and that trauma can ‘leak’ into the life or business of occupants when it is unresolved.

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3. Personal Space For Business Consultations

Businesses have separate offices or cubicles for their employees; ideally, those spaces support the individual who works in them. Personal Space for Business Consultations ensure that all individual staff space is optimized for the employees in them, matching their specific personal Feng Shui needs to balance their space to best suit them.

This can be for the owner / leaders / executive team and/or each person in the office (or even ‘clusters’ of function – sales / IT / etc.). It’s really helpful in the cases when a particular person (or department) has had performance ‘problems’ and needs to upgrade to benefit the business.

When possible, I invite people to take a quick personal assessment that tells me exactly where they are in terms of their personal elements. If that isn’t possible, I get to what’s needed via my intuitive insights and co-creative dialogue with them.

This level of service in terms of investment varies depending on the size of the project.

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Additional Information

If the on-site location is in the Austin, Texas area more than 7 miles from Parmer and Brushy Creek, there is an additional $50 travel fee.

If the on-site location requires travel, additional arrangements need to be handled to cover travel and accommodations.

Each level includes a follow-up session by phone to answer any questions that come up as a result of what is covered in our Feng Shui session. For 30 days, there is unlimited email support to clarify any questions that surface about our work together.

If a new issue / question / situation presents, that would be addressed in a separate session for an additional fee.

Please know that it is not necessary for someone to ‘believe’ in Feng Shui for it to work.

In fact, everyone is living with their Feng Shui every day – it’s just that most people are unconscious about it and can’t figure out why they’re not getting the results they want. ;=)

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