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Copper Dowsing Rods


Product Description

Divine Your Way To Positive Energy!

Dowsing rods have been used for centuries to find water, witches and tell the weather. In Feng Shui, they are a tool for understanding energy flow patterns.
Copper is the best metal to conduct energy. And I prefer L rods because they are so clear in their indications.
To use them, simply hold them with your arms parallel to the floor in a relaxed stance – the rods should be parallel to the floor and be able to swing freely. The first time you use them, think the word ‘yes’ – then watch what they do. They will either cross or not move. Whatever happens, that is likely to be your indicator for yes. Repeat this process for the word ‘no’, so you learn how the rods will speak to you about energy.
When I begin using my rods, I always ask if I am balanced to take a reading. If I get a no, I drink water and take a moment to center myself. When I get a yes, I ask if it is appropriate for me to ask questions; when I get a yes, I proceed using the rods.
You can use the rods to find water flow in and under your space, to find power spots for furniture and to indicate potential problem areas that need adjusting. Rods like this are a deceptively simple tool because they look unassuming – but they are a power tool!
Please note that this is a third-party product – I don’t manufacture these rods. But I am a HUGE fan of them!



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