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Electromagnetic field energy, or EMF, can have debilitating effects – everything from headaches to foggy thinking to stress and mood swings.
Once EMF energy is neutralized, people find they sleep better, feel calmer, have more energy and can think more clearly.
There are a number of ways to address EMF energy – this is just one that I’m impressed with because it re-patterns the energy into a healthier sequence for optimal wellness.
Please do your own research! This is a third-party product – I don’t manufacture it. I’m merely recommending it because EMF energy is so detrimental to health.

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    I ordered this product along with the entire home kit. I’m a writer (used to be a lawyer), and I was doing research on electromagnetic radiation for my next book. As part of the research, I read Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert Becker’s book called CROSS CURRENTS and also did a bunch of online research to expand and update on what I learned about electromagnetic resonance in Dr. Becker’s book.

    This initial research led me to the IIREC website (International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility), which explains how EMF devices work by re-patterning the energy at the quantum level without actually reducing the energy in any way. IIREC states that electro smog created by people is a threat to public health. European Parliaments recommended protective measures as early as 2001.

    Mainstream science has already demonstrated how cell phones and laptops decrease sperm production in men, so I don’t know how anyone can actually dispute that at least some physical effects are real.

    I have fibromyalgia and generally feel like crap all the time. The illness forced me to stop practicing law. Since I had done the research, I decided to test my house for electromagnetic radiation, and I discovered that I was living in an ambient level of over 500 milligaus, since I live under a transformer. The proposed EPA safe standard is .5 milligaus. Clearly, I had a problem. I decided that trying the Safe Space devices couldn’t hurt, and might help, so I ordered the home protection kit.

    Even though I had done weeks of research on EMF, I was still skeptical that a device like this could work. So when it arrived and I opened up the box and pulled out the Safe Space EMF Environmental Clearing device, I was not expecting anything to happen.

    I was holding the device and reading the directions, and within 20 seconds after it was exposed to light, I felt the effects. You know how when the power goes out in your neighborhood (and you’re at home and not otherwise stressed out by whatever the power outage has prevented you from doing), the tension in your body seems to release? There’s just sort of a relaxation or letting-go. For me, this effect was anything but subtle. It was like I had taken a xanax.

    Not everybody is electro-sensitive or living in very high ambient levels of EMF, so maybe other people might not have the same experience. For me, though, I went from feeling like what I thought was normal to feeling like I’d just spent a week in the Caribbean, without the travel stress.

    Note that this device doesn’t claim to reduce EMF. It just re-patterns the energy into a more healthy resonance (see CROSS CURRENTS). So if you’re walking around with an EMF meter doing before and after testing, don’t expect to see a difference. You would probably need a biofield imaging device to see the before and after.

    Do I think this device will somehow magically cure my fibromyalgia? No. But I do feel a difference in my energy (and remember, I’m a lawyer and a skeptic who didn’t believe this would actually work. Mainly, I was buying it for research purposes). I’m hoping it will help with insomnia–we’ll see. I’ll try to remember to update this review in a few weeks. For now, I don’t regret spending the money at all.
    ~ Jenn, Texas

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