Evolving Your Environment: 177 Ways To Create The Conditions For Success


Product Description

A 35-page ebook chock-full of tips, insights and practical how-to’s to literally program your environment to get what you want in life.

Environments are our mirrors. What we see around is a result of decisions that we’ve made in the past, which were based on our thoughts at the time and with the resources we had in that moment. These environments may or may not reflect who we are now, and may or may not pull us forward into our success.

In order to get different results, it is important to “program” our environments differently. Our environments contain the power and the energy to help us attain our goals. For example, if a bedroom is decorated in bright, bold, “loud” colors, it isn’t likely to help us attain our goal of getting solid rest. If we tone down the colors (without even addressing other possible changes!), it is likely that we will sleep more restfully.

Being aware of the energy in our environments is the first step to positive transformation. After all, if we don’t know what is happening where we are, it is more difficult to change where we are to get a different result. Understanding what is NOW helps us to consciously create our FUTURE. And this ebook gives you a way to start creating more of what you want in very practical ways.


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