Tibetan Bell Chimes


Hand Tuned to Key of Om – Tingsha Tibetan Bell (Chimes) Buddhist Lucky Symbols (Medium)

Product Description

Hand Tuned to Key of Om

Tingsha Tibetan Hand Bells With Buddhist Lucky Symbols (Medium)

One way to clear energy that no longer serves a space is to use sound. You can clap, use a singing bowl or Tingshas.
Tingshas are hand-held cymbols, or bells, that emanate a beautiful tone that resonates through the space and helps release negative, toxic or non-serving energy.
I’m drawn to these particular bells because they are hand-made in Nepal, medium-sized (so not too big) with a leather strap (vs. man-made materials for the strap).
The Tibetan Buddhist eight auspicious signs are on the outside of each tingsha bell.
These are very similar to the tingshas I’ve been using for years in performing space clearings for clients.
Please note that this is a third-party product – I don’t manufacture them! But I am drawn to them… ;+)


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