“We turn outward, attracted by the beauty we see in created things without realizing that they are only a reflection of the real beauty. And the real beauty is within us.”
~ Ernesto Cardenal

“I had my apartment re-aligned with a Feng Shui practitioner, Lynn Scheurell. Lynn is amazing and does many, many types of consultations to help you get the most energy from your workspace or home.  Her talent and intuition is inherent and she is a phenomenal and gifted Feng Shui practitioner who can truly make your environment more balanced and productive.”

~ Rhonda Renee O’Neil, Manager


“I have always been fascinated with Feng Shui, but never understood how to implement it and figure out which corner was what or where in the spaces I had lived throughout my life. Recently, I recently moved into a brand new flat complex and was the first occupant for my flat. I asked Lynn to come through and Feng Shui this space properly as I wanted it to have the right flow especially since I was dealing with a blank slate.

Throughout the consultation, I was in awe at her vision and master skillset. She was pointing things out left, right and center. After fixing and adding some things to make the space softer, my flat had even a more peaceful feeling than when I first moved in.

Then we did a space clearing. I knew it would be a great idea but didn’t realize the impact of it until we completed the clearing. The colors of my 6-year old furniture really popped! The lines of the flat softened even further, the light reflected brighter throughout the flat, my art work brightened with more vivid colors – even my foster dog became more relaxed and peaceful!

Leading up to the clearing, I had not been sleeping well at all; the night after the clearing, I had the best nights’ sleep in I don’t know how long! This effect spilled into my work too as I do a lot of work from home. I started feeling more creative. Prior to the clearing, my work had fits and starts; after the clearing, everything was flowing along. Now it seems as if there is no stopping – and I’m not complaining in the least!”

~ Shelley Kaplar, Vitality Optimizer


“In working with Lynn, she continues to act in the presence of an emerging reality that clearly reflects my hopes and dreams.  Her skills transform the whole system rather than putting band-aid on one part of the whole!  I have evolved and find myself utilizing new ways and means which are uplifting.  Lynn inspires success!  Lynn lives in field of being where all answers exist!”

~ Patricia Deck, Entrepreneur


“My partner, Bob, and I hired Lynn to Feng Shui our home. We love our Palm Springs home but neither of us was sleeping well here, and there was just a sense that there was a flow problem in the house. Bob is an interior designer so we were concerned that Feng Shui would disrupt the design aspect of the house.

Lynn was terrific. She surveyed the house from front to back and explained problem areas in a way that made real sense to two novices in the art of Feng Shui. Her recommendations did not interfere with any interior design aspects and in fact Bob was able to create new features that complement the design as well as fulfill the chi flow of the home.

Lynn was able to nail the chi problem in the bedroom that was preventing our restful sleep. An attached master bath was pulling our chi down the open toilet. Up lighting and a water feature in our living room resulted an almost immediate release in money issues and provided some much needed flow in that area.

One recommendation nearly backfired on us but proved that Feng Shui works. We put a box under our bed with certain objects in it to precipitate better chi. Unfortunately we didn’t realize that the box had a mirrored top that reflected the chi back on itself. Once corrected, things changed dramatically and we began getting a restful sleep.

Lynn has made believers out of us and we would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their lives through Feng Shui.”

~ Lee North, Astrologer


“Thank you so much for the “Feng Shui For Lovers” class. I have heard a variety of stories from friends the power of Feng Shui but never really embraced the ideal for my own home. I thought the power within me was enough to change everything around me.

As you stated in the class Feng Shui facilitates the flow of power so all aspects within the home and in your life come easier. As you explained the principals of Feng Shui, it all made such common sense. I began using the simple principals that you suggested on my home and it immediately felt more relaxing and integrated. I even got a date with someone I really liked within a few days and hope to see her again. The proof for me is in how I feel more productive and comfortable than I ever have before in my home. Thanks.”

~Bart Sharp, Intuitive Healer


“Lynn is the epitomy of “feel, good, safe energy”~~ no matter if she’s doing feng shui, astrology, numerology or just a reading this woman makes you feel good and provides clean clarity!.  She has powerful, positive insight and is completely right on.  She’s loving, kind and without judgement – awesome!!!!!!!”

~ Genz Z, Real Estate Broker


“Lynn performed a Feng Shui cleansing at my company on a Sunday, when there were no employees in the building.  Without being told, she intuitively knew information about some of our employees. For example, she ‘felt’ a difficulty in breathing in one, cramped, shared office.  One of the women who worked there had had a lung transplant (and has since been moved to a private, airy office). At Lynn’s suggestion, we hired a consultant who mentored all of our managers, including the C.E.O. As a result we have gained efficiency, productivity and increased sales. We’ve outgrown our former building and moved to a newer, larger facility where we continue to grow.”

~Julie Greenspan, Business Owner


“Lynn Scheurell has feng shuied my professional office, my husband’s office and both of my children’s bedrooms. As for the offices, I can’t articulate how wonderful the energy is in both of them, and how transformed they became based on her work. Almost 100% of my clients comment on how good the space feels. As for my kids’ rooms. My daughter had moved her bed against and blocking a door, and in the same time, her teenage life had fallen apart! Lynn had her shift several things, and what was broken became whole again. My son says many nights of the week when he’s doing homework, “Don’t you love the way my room feels?” This work is for real! Thank you Lynn!”

~ C.B., Psychotherapist


“Before Lynn Scheurell coached me, I dreamed and planned about being mentally free to do what I love – a successful coach and speaker. The fear of being incomprehensible blocked me from ever doing large workshops and conferences. Now that Lynn Scheurell is my Catalyst, I have her incredible energy combined with her Feng Shui talents which allows me to feel supported in all areas of my life. I have become so confident in my life purpose that I feel I am always at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.  I finally feel alive, being my authentic self.  It’s as if I learned to walk for the first time. My journey has just begun. Thank you.”

~ Rodney Sapini, Executive Coach