Flowing FengShui

“What is happening around, to, and for us is almost always an indicator of what is happening within us.”

~ Lynn Scheurell

Lynn M. Scheurell is an authority on creating conscious success by connecting the dots between inner and outer beliefs and expression in life and business. She works with people who want every advantage in creating their optimal life success. As a Professional Certified BTB Feng Shui Practitioner and Catalyst for change since 1998, Lynn brings a unique blend of environmental transformation experience, as well as highly developed sensitivity, extensive metaphysical training and positive energy to her clients.

Lynn’s personal mission is to discover and illuminate truth through intuitive insights, understanding life energies and co-creative dialogue with her clients. Recognizing that all energy moves through the universe and is interconnected on all levels, a dynamic relationship occurs for each individual, their goals and their environment at any given time. Feng Shui is that relationship.

By experiencing both their own and Lynn’s intuitive and emotional intelligence, clients are able to explore the richness of their being and discover their relationship to the unseen natural energies that guide and support their best life. As a result, they are able to remove obstacles and design their environments using universal energetic principles to actualize potential opportunities and magnetize optimal life flow.

The most direct way to create change and movement is by assessing the situation, identifying the symptoms, looking at the sources of those symptoms, experiencing the shift of illumination, and creating a solution. Clients working with Lynn recognize her ability to “read” their internal and external environments, helping them discover and manifest their own desires through a tangible process that reflects their truths.

Generally working at an accelerated level, clients and students find they are propelled toward significant change and new life vistas as they consciously evolve their environments to honor their authentic self.

Member of International Feng Shui Guild