Flowing FengShui

“Surrounding yourself with higher-oscillating frequencies strengthens your energy and allows you to focus attention for attunement with your desires, which naturally attracts them into being.”

~ Lynn Scheurell


Feng Shui, literally meaning wind and water, is the art of positive interaction between people and their environments for maximum life success. That is, wind and water are the only two elements upon which life is absolutely dependent (you can’t live without air or water for too long), and which flow easily in and through the environment.

The name for this action is “chi” flow; literally, it is our cosmic breath. There is chi in everything around us, and how chi moves through and with us in our environments determines our quality of life.

About 4,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered the keys to enhanced energy by working with environments and space. This practice, Feng Shui, was brought to the United States about 20 years ago. Here in the U.S., it is perceived as a fad, when, in fact, it is thousands of years old and practiced on a conscious level daily throughout the Orient today.

This “ancient Chinese secret” is alive and well… and people are learning every day how to enlist their environments in supporting their goals for success.


One of the most beautiful aspects of good Feng Shui is that it works for everybody in a personal way; that is, it depends on you, your environment, the timing for you, and your goals in order to be effective. What works for one person will probably not work in the same exact way for someone else. It is highly individualized, and quite literal in application – you will experience something different as a result of working with Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui is traditionally thought of as being a physical environment practice. However, the interpretation of the principles of Feng Shui is translating to many other applications, including health and self-care, wardrobe and personal image, corporate strategic planning, thinking and communication patterns, music, and others. Nearly everything has an energetic pathway or appearance which can be “Feng Shui’d – from a haircut to a business plan to our diet to the color of your car – the possibilities for conscious evolution are infinite!

The good news is that as each person clears out their clutter and gets in alignment with their space, that energy spreads out, much like a ripple effect. As each person begins to unlock the common sense of this ancient Chinese secret, our world collectively gets a little bit closer to our natural energetic state.

So, thank your friends and neighbors for doing their part to clean up our environment – and give back by balancing with your own space. It will not only support you in achieving your definition of success, but your circle of friends and family (and the rest of us!) as well!