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Lynn Scheurell’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to decode the environment into meaningful life connections with clarity, compassion and positive energy. She integrates her nearly two decades of practical experience, thought leadership and relevant real-life stories to both inspire and leave audiences with a fresh perspective and life change strategies.

The heart of Lynn’s work is about helping people activate their potential, explore their blocks with compassion to reveal their truth and give practical action strategies to create desirable life changes.

The following most commonly topics have been delivered as workshops and telesummit interviews to business owners, corporations, associations, independent professionals, Feng Shui practitioners and community groups. All topics may be adapted to meet the needs of individual audiences.

Use This Ancient Chinese Secret To Maximize Your Success Today

Are you ready for your success to come easier with less hard work? Discover how to “program” your environment for success by using the ancient art of Feng Shui. You can easily upgrade your health, wealth and love AND feel greater flow in achieving your dreams – when you know the cues and clues of this ancient Chinese secret!

In this action-packed presentation, your audience will learn:

  • Simple, no-cost things you can do to instantly transform the energetic flow of your space for harmonic alignment with your goals.
  • 3 commonly over-looked power areas that can help you make more money, steam up your romance and improve your health quickly – without on-going effort.
  • The secret to manifesting more of what you want starting now.
  • And, most important, how you can develop your own Feng Shui ‘911’ Action Plan to consciously have what you want in your life faster and easier!

Floor Plan Feng Shui

The ancient masters watched how energy moved throughout time and space. In doing so, they discovered a map of energy flow that we still use today in understanding the environment. It’s called the Bagua Map.

When you understand the correlation between your floor plan and what’s happening in your life, you can make better choices and create new results.

In this powerful teaching, your audience will learn:

  • How to identify the blocks and barriers that prevent them from achieving their life goals.
  • The spatial progression of the Bagua Map as it relates to their environment.
  • Practical action steps to balance their environment starting today.
  • And how to recognize whether a floor plan is supportive or destructive to their life goals so they never live in a place that does not support them!

Elemental Feng Shui

All ancient Chinese systems come from the elements – Chinese medicine, astrology, herbology, acupuncture and more. The five nature elements comprise the secret of life and, when you know how to use them for optimal balance, you can change everything!

Your audience will learn:

  • Why they feeeeeel so much better with different colors, shapes and styles of furniture
  • Their own personal five elements composition and unique environmental needs
  • How to specifically balance their environment with their life goals
  • And what they can do to support themselves in virtually any environment once they know their own Elemental Feng Shui!

Feng Shui For Abundance

Your environment can either nurture your life goals or create obstacles to overcome, including your flow of abundance. Feng Shui is the key to balancing your life for the optimum chi flow. By intentionally working with natural energies, you will evolve your environment to get more of the results you want.

There are many ways to measure wealth and abundance; traditionally, we consider it be mainly money.

In this teaching, your audience will learn:

  • How to program their environments for enhanced financial flow
  • The secret keys to prosperity that are hidden in the environment around them right now
  • Specific adjustments they can make with deliberate and energized intention to maximize abundance
  • And how they can go from ‘flat’ to ‘full’ in their abundance faster than they might think possible!

Feng Shui For Love

In the Feng Shui world, your environment mirrors who you really are and what you really think about
yourself. The partners you attract reflect who you are, the lessons you are here to learn and your capacity to give and receive love. Whether in relationship or not, learning how to support more and better quality love in your life can change everything – it’s really the only thing that matters.

Your audience will learn:

  • How the essential secret to attracting more love into your life starts in your kitchen
  • The Harmony of Three Secrets as a power tool in creating balanced love in your life
  • An easy way to assess the quality of love in your life on all three levels of awareness
  • And how to either attract and/or upgrade the love they’re currently enjoying by taking simple actions to be happier, more peaceful and more magnetic to others!

What My Clients Say?

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Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Crix
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Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic
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Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic

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