Flowing FengShui

Top Ten Reasons to Feng Shui Both Your Home and Office

Your environment is your external body, whether at home or at work. Wherever you are, you want to be as comfortable as possible in living every aspect of your life. Following are the top ten reasons to Feng Shui both your home and office environments.

1. Both aspects of your external body deserve your time and attention.
It is your body and it’s worth attending to in a consistent, caring and genuine way. Would you do less for your pet? Your physical body? Your child? If you answered that you would do more for anyone else but yourself, it’s a big indicator of an issue that needs some attention.

2. Consistency – attention to one environment and not the other means unequal energy distribution.
The laws of nature state that there must be equal energy distribution, so the balance will necessarily happen somewhere else. For example, you’ll want to hang out in a great little coffee shop or find yourself at a friend’s home instead of at your own home, or you’ll find reasons to be out of your office to avoid your work space.

3. The time you spend in each space comprises probably 80 – 90% of your time daily; it is important to feel connected to and with each environment.
Good Feng Shui in both helps to balance spending too much time in either space. Conversely, if not addressed and balanced, the one that is unbalanced through Feng Shui could result in your disconnection with the space. This means you won’t want to spend time there, or find life situations a little more difficult to handle in some way.

4. The universe will bring to you what you ask with intention and focus – especially if it is asked in a consistent, clear manner.
Setting your intentions in one environment and not the other is a mixed message. The universe will try to decipher what you are trying to say, and it’s very literal. For example, if at home you focus on activating and progressing your current career, but you don’t pay attention to what’s happening in your workspace, you could experience misunderstandings with your superiors or colleagues, be passed over for the very promotion you seek, or find yourself on the outside of the power base.

5. Essentially, the result of not fully committing to balance and nurture your self/external body is self-sabotage.
We are the only ones responsible for taking care of our needs and wants. Knowing the transformational and restorative powers that Feng Shui brings to your environment, and not harnessing that power to bring you to your highest self is only hurting you and keeping you from your highest potential.

6. Each environment potentially has multiple personalities/variables attached; each environment has to balance accordingly.
Different people and different situations will impact you differently, and your environment may need to support you differently for overall balance. For example, in the office, you may need to keep stress levels down, and need lots of calming, de-stressing elements, whereas at home, you want to feel energized and revitalized with lots of yang elements.

7. The application of Feng Shui principles in both your home and work environments ensures your maximum progress toward your goals.
Balancing one environment without the other is like leaving a project half done, and you will potentially feel incomplete or uncomfortable in the unbalanced space. That will translate to you feeling like you don’t want to be there, and you may become inundated with minutiae that keeps you busy or distracted from true productivity, or your calendar may book up with engagements or meetings unnecessarily.

8. Like the layers of an onion, each area that you activate in each environment will produce results and potentially other issues to address.
Working with one environment may reveal issues or challenges in the other. For example, you may adjust your relationships area at work and find that you are arguing with family or roommates at home or friends outside of work. This is actually a gift from the universe, because it is showing you where you need to spend some immediate time and focus. Conversely, if you experience resistance to making changes, this could be an indicator of some sort of energetic drain (an attachment to an outcome, an unfulfilled need, fear, etc.).

9. There are really several environments within your home and work spaces that need to be addressed for the most holistic approach.
According to Thomas Leonard, these environments are: physical space (home, office), nature (or out of doors) environment, memetic environments (ideas, thoughts), emotional environments (feelings, states), energy environments (electrical, nutritional, etc.), people environments (friends, family, colleagues) and time environments (time of day, how you spend your time). Imagine a world where all your environments are in balance… you will no longer need to tolerate distractions, being uncomfortable, stress, misunderstandings, unhappiness, unrest, ill health, financial or emotional drains… what an achievable aspiration!

10. Energy is linked to you from either place as you move through your day; an energy drain in either will be felt in the other environment.
If you feel unsupported in your home space, work is likely to be more difficult. If your workday or work flow is difficult, then it is likely that relaxing at home takes longer or it is more difficult to enjoy your personal life. The goal is to be able to be productive and happy in order to enjoy a balanced, robust and fulfilling life – whatever that means for you.

You are living with the results of your Feng Shui daily. Why not get the results you want by consciously working with your environments?